April 27, 2023

When it is time…

The first, important step to start change is awareness. What is true for me right now, in my present? What do I perceive, what is happening in me as a result, how do I react to it and what results do I achieve?

In this first step it is especially important to put aside any condemnation or judgment. It is about a neutral assessment of the situation, of the NOW.
For me, this step is still incredibly interesting. Even after a lot of work on yourself, you may fall back into old patterns and want to skip this first step. Why look closely at what is going on right now? This close look is often not very pleasant. When you lift your own veils and things come out from underneath that you would rather not see, that you don't want to admit. But this first step is so important in order to look at one's own life, one's own thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Through my therapy, I began to really care about myself. Who was I anyway, putting other people's ideas and my assumed role models aside? What was important to me, what did I want from life? What were my strengths and what was I only doing because I had either always done it that way or I thought others expected it of me?

Our life planning is all too often shaped by the ideas of our family of origin or society. One has to be a happy family, a well-behaved housewife, a successful businesswoman. And what this "happy woman" has to look like is often not determined by ourselves. And deep inside we slowly wither away and our lives pass us by like in a movie.

And yet our soul slumbers within us, our inner voice, which knows what we came into the world for. It nudges us again and again and calls us. That can't be all. You have strayed from your purpose.

We tell ourselves that it is selfish to listen to this inner voice. That we can't just change like that. That it is not our place to do so.
But the truth is: the voice is there. And it calls us. And only if we follow it and go into the unknown and live through it, then we develop further, then we grow and then we learn - and only then can we really be happy from the bottom of our hearts.

Abraham Hicks says: "The greatest gift you can give your children is your own contentment, your own happiness". I am wholeheartedly convinced that this is true.

You deserve to be truly happy. With all the ups and downs that comes with that happiness. You are here because you are ready to lift the veils of your life and look underneath.

I am looking forward to walking this path with you!

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